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How to quickly, easily and exponentially scale your practice 10X or more in NEW AUM through Estate Transformation’s exclusive “Private Estate Reception™” syndicated estate enrollment events!
How to fully optimize, secure and then “paddalock” in a 3.5X practice succession valuation through Estate Transformation's “Practice Transformation™” 3.5X succession optimization solution, and how you can attain (and secure) this much sooner than you think!
Why FINRA's recent announcement to abandon enforcement of the Suitability Rule, replacing it instead with the SEC's Reg BI should leave every unprepared (and unaware) advisor completely terrified and scrambling for your own requisite internal Advanced Fiduciary Standard of Care process driven compliance platform – and how Estate Transformation delivers everything Reg BI compliance related you WILL absolutely need…
Why every retirement advisor (and agent) should self-certify as a fiduciary NOW – and how this is MUCH, much easier than you think!
How the Fiduciary Standard entirely flips and completely disrupts the industry compliance pyramid. With all things “fiduciary” related established upon hundreds of years of fiduciary law and case-law precedent, as fiduciary, your “under law” compliance obligations and requirements entirely supersede any corporate and/or regulatory imposed compliance. YES, you heard right! As fiduciary, your personal “under law” fiduciary obligations entirely TRUMP and SUPERSEDE any other imposed compliance! It is here, where all-things “under law” fiduciary related entirely depends – and hinges – on your ability to accommodate your personal under law fiduciary obligations!
HINT: No one is going to do or accommodate this for you, not your asset management firm, not your FMO, not your Broker Dealer, not your E&O insurance, not FINRA and certainly not the SEC – it simply doesn't work this way! As fiduciary, when it comes to your personal under law obligations, you ARE entirely “on your own”…
Why every advisor (especially fiduciaries) MUST adopt and operate from behind a “preemptive” arbitration and/or cause of action fiduciary standard firewall – and why the unsettled “cause of action” issue runs the risk of leaving you and your practice’s future economic (and potential court room) survival entirely depending on it!
Why Marcus Lemonis of CNBC's series The Profit “People, Process and Product” 3P principal is KEY to accommodating not only the SEC's Reg BI best interest obligations, conflicts interest disclosure and remediation requirements, but equally as well, any practice scale ambitions – and how Estate Transformation is fundamentally engineered to “deliver” on ALL three People, Process and Product principals, including 10X practice scale!
KEY: In the post-Reg BI and/or State Fiduciary Standard new world order, technologically shifting your practice over Lemonis's 3P principal is as essential to Fiduciary Standard compliance and practice scale, as it is to practice survival and success!
Why the old-school approach of selling, pushing products, or chasing assets AHEAD of the 5 KEY fiduciary requirements (3 under law and 2 accessory), under State and/or Federal fiduciary standards, could well significantly increase risk of arbitration, including arbitration losses – even worse, holds full potential of morphing into a career-ending cause of action litigation snare!
How to flip any “conflict of interest” on its head, turning competitor “conflicts” into the biggest and most profitable NEW client acquisition and AUM goldmine ever!
The 3 compensation disclosure steps every fiduciary advisor (and fiduciary agent) must make to avoid creating an instant under law “self-dealing” conflict of interest – resulting in an indefensible arbitration and/or cause of action “ticking time bomb” condition and situation, especially if you’re an insurance only advisor!
How to use the Fiduciary Standard as the greatest marketplace domination and competition leveling weapon ever devised!
How to entirely diffuse, eliminate even pre-nullify the potential for any future arbitration or cause of action litigation, in advance, even before the arbitration and/or litigation landmine trigger event occurs!
How to escape the inconsistent, ever changing, highly competitive old-school “money problem” centric roller-coaster methods (annuity seminars, direct mail, social security planning, etc), most of which, under a fiduciary standard, can create an instant fiduciary conflict of interest – and why Estate Transformation’s Private Estate Reception™ syndicated estate enrollment events outperform any other approach 30 to 1!
…And MUCH, MUCH more!

Raw, Unabridged, Case-Study Interview Footage Of What Is Possible When You Get On The Right Side Of Estate Transformation's “Conflicts Of Interest Free” 10X In AUM Estate “Enrollment Machines” Practice Scale Curve!

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