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PS. Once inside Estate Transformation's advisor Certification Area, you'll discover a remarkably effective, high-ROI Advanced Estate Management “Unique Marketplace Differentiator” money magnet, turned highly-desirable (for clients) technology platform – and, advisor Certification Program responsible for converting new assets on as high as 80% of the sessions its used on!

PPS. You'll also have access to a whole lot more of what's heard in the advisor interview below! Lots more advisor interviews, with some of the most successful advisors in the country – as they use what empowers them to completely outmaneuver competition and totally dominate new client acquisition in their local markets – as heard below:

We're very, very, very busy! (coffee anyone?)

PPPS. We'll have you inside Estate Transformation and your Seven Day Risk Free Trial soon! Keep an eye on your email inbox for your approval email and login instructions – see you inside!

PPPPS. Oh, and be sure to check out what expert users, reviewers and everyone else has to say about us, here:  “Independent Reviews & Ratings From The Experts


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