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Advanced Fiduciary Standard of Care Webinar Begins in:
…Instantly Transform Any Advisor Practice Into A *Conflicts Of
Interest Free 10X In AUM Estate Enrollment Machine!
Discover The Jealously Guarded Secrets To Estate Transformation – How 7 $20MM+ Independent Fiduciary Advisors Strike It Rich Transforming Their Practices Into Conflicts Of Interest FREE 10X In AUM Estate Enrollment Machines!
FREE Live Streaming Estate Transformation™ Advanced Fiduciary Standard of Care Event With John Galt Institute, Inc Project Development Affiliates: John Galt, John Heck, Charles Heilmann, Bruce Greenstein, Sharon Dortort and Renee Cuchetti
Live Event Topics: Fiduciary Definition Rules Standards Self Certification Under Law Fiduciary Obligations Conflicts Of Interest Remediation Cause Of Action Litigation Firewall 10X In AUM Practice Scale Estate Transformation Syndicated Estate Enrollment Events Practice Succession Project Development Affiliate Revenue Share and Equity Stakes:
Monday, May _th @ 2:00pm EST (11:00am PST)
Tuesday, May _th @ 2:00pm EST (11:00am PST)
Wednesday, May _th @ 2:00pm EST (11:00am PST)
Opportunity Wrap-Up Sessions:
Thursday, May _th @ 2:00pm EST (11:00am PST)
Friday, May _th @ 2:00pm EST (11:00am PST)
NOTE: We’ve A Lot Of Incredible Advance Fiduciary Standard Of Care Content To Cover And Share With You. Please Anticipate Each Event Running Up To 180 Minutes In Duration Including Q&A!
…Plus, How You Too Can Quickly And Easily Become 1 Of Only 12 Estate Transformation Project Development Affiliate “Industry Influencers” While Receiving A Lucrative Six (Even Seven) Figure Revenue Share (And Equity) Stake From EVERY Estate Transformation™ Advisor Sale John Galt Institute Makes! (As In Shark Tank Style)
A time-sensitive advisor fin-tech opportunity to the AMAZING conflicts of interest free 10X in AUM estate enrollment machine any advisor can use to quickly and easily scale tens of MILLIONS in NEW assets fast – ALL while operating “from behind” a virtually IMPENETRABLE cause of action litigation (and arbitration) firewall!
…During these exclusive one-time “by registration” only live streaming events, you will discover Advanced Fiduciary Standard of Care 10X in AUM practice expansion secrets like:
How to receive a lucrative six even seven figure revenue share stake from every national Estate Transformation™ sale made!
How to snag a staggering seven figure equity stake potential in the world’s only post-fiduciary standard world order Advance Fiduciary Standard of Care technology platform provider, now 16+ years in development!
IMPORTANT: During our one-time only live-streaming advisor fin-tech Fiduciary Standard survival events, an opportunity to participate in John Galt Institute, Inc's internal Estate Transformation™ Advanced Fiduciary Standard Of Care project development team will be extend to no more than 12 qualified financial advisors, and 1 qualified financial institution. Active participation includes a highly lucrative six and even seven figure participatory revenue share stake – along with a highly lucrative seven figure potential equity stake. Whatever you do, you do NOT want to miss out on these one-time only live events, and once-in-a-lifetime participatory revenue share and equity stake opportunity. Irregardless of the status of the DOL Fiduciary Rule, if you're an RIA or a CFP then you “are” a fiduciary operating under a fiduciary standard. What's more, irregardless of the status of the DOL Fiduciary Rule, much of the industry is now voluntarily embracing and moving forward under the fiduciary standard – and this for marketplace advantage. However, for those unwilling or unable to adjust, it will continue to impact, even crush, thousands of advisor practices – including brokerage companies (just ask State Farm’s 12,000 advisors). But, the REAL compliance kicker is found in its “under law” requirements that you, as fiduciary, MUST accommodate. At some point, should the “cause of action” civil litigation issue fall against you, it will have the completed potential of absolutely devastating not only your entire career, but a lifetime of effort and succession dreams. So, if you miss out on this sincere (and only) offer of REAL fiduciary standard nullification help, not only will you be kicking yourself hard all the way to church on Sunday, you will be regretting it for the rest of your life!
How to quickly and easily exponentially scale your practice 10X, or more, in NEW AUM through Estate Transformation’s exclusive “Private Estate Reception™” syndicated estate enrollment events!
PICTURE THIS: Your first estate enrollment event has 50 attendees total, each of whom are your existing clients (we cover 5 star event facility cost and fulfill all the invites). To fully leverage your Estate Transformation offer, each enrolled client estate eagerly invites an additional 12 associate estates to your NEXT estate enrollment event! Get the picture? (50 client starter estates INSTANTLY morphs into an exponential 600 NEW next-event estate enrollment opportunities!)
How to fully optimize, secure and then “paddalock” in a 3.5X practice succession valuation through Estate Transformation's “Practice Transformation™” 3.5X succession optimization solution – and how you can achieve this MUCH, much sooner than you think!
3.5X SUCCESSION: Most succession valuations come in at a dismal 1.5X valuation, rather than the ultimate and most enviable 3.5X valuation – and there are specific and significant reasons why. During this one-time-only event, were going to show you precisely what you need to do NOW to fix this, and how “locking in” a 3.5X valuation NOW is easier than you may think! After all, you've spent years building your practice, and when it comes time to exit, you shouldn't get cheated. No you deserve a fully optimized 3.5X valuation retirement exit, and during this event, were going to show you precisely how to get it!
Why every retirement advisor (and agent) should self-certify as a fiduciary NOW – and how this is MUCH, much easier than you think!
WARNING: Survey, after survey, after survey shows the investor marketplace not only wanting, but demanding an across the board fiduciary standard. What we're now seeing with the DOL Fiduciary Rule, with the Securities And Exchange Commission, with the Certified Financial Planner Board of Directors and with firms now willingly adopting and embracing a fiduciary standard, will ultimately result in the marketplace having and getting what it wants – regardless of the status of DOL Fiduciary Rule. The KEY to these sorts of inevitable sea-change marketplace shifts, and dynamics, is to simply recognize early on what the marketplace wants and then be one of the first to simply “give it” what it wants. For those who do, they will end up the preferred and chosen winners. On the other hand, those whom stand in the way of marketplace driven want, desire and progress, ultimately, they will end up on the losing side – with the outcome determined by “the marketplace”. In ANY marketplace, it will always be “the marketplace” that will have the final say. Whether it's through those whom “regulate” it into existence, or through those on the smart early adopter entrepreneurial side whom simply recognize the inherent opportunity therein, and adopt it into existence – those early adopters, those whom simply just “give” the marketplace what it wants – they will always reap the lions share of marketplace reward! Sooner or later “any marketplace” will drive and will get what it wants, and WILL have what it desires. Inevitably, the investor marketplace WILL have its fiduciary standard, whether it's regulated into full existence now, or simply adopted and pioneered by the business side of the industry into existence – as many are now doing. In fact, the “marketplace driven” fiduciary standard freight train has already left the station, and at this very moment in time, the investor marketplace is being hand delivered – by the early adopters – what it wants. Question is, do you recognize the irreversible sea-change? Can you recognize the shifting dynamics? Do you see the fiduciary standard freight train coming? Will you be one of the early adopters whom exploit what is NOW a tremendous NEW opportunity? Or, will you get run over, even left behind, standing on the outside looking in?
Why every advisor (especially fiduciaries) MUST now adopt and operate from behind a “preemptive” arbitration and/or cause of action civil litigation firewall – and why the unsettled “private cause of action” civil litigation issue runs the risk of leaving you and your practice’s future economic (and court room) survival entirely depending on it!
THE ART OF WAR: Whether it's regulatory imposed or industry adopted, it may well no longer be a financial planning and recommendations first advisory game, but rather a litigation mitigation “first-and-foremost”, THEN comes everything else advisor-related game. Look, as the fiduciary standard continues advancing, should the private cause of action matter fall “against” you, by that time it'll be WAY too late to even begin thinking about implementing a cause of action litigation firewall. As Sun Tzu, the renown author of The Art Or War and famous Chinese military general and strategist said: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” and “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” The key to these sorts of sea-change issues, is to always stay one or two steps ahead of the sea-change now underway, instead of “Johnny come defeated lately.” The old adages: “Prepare for the worst, and expect the best.” and “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of gold.” are not only appropriate, but incredibly wise!
How the Fiduciary Standard entirely flips and completely disrupts the industry compliance pyramid. With all things “under law” fiduciary related, and with all of this backed by hundreds of years of fiduciary law and case-law precedent, as fiduciary, your “under law” obligations and requirements will entirely supersede any corporate and/or regulatory imposed compliance. YES, you heard right! As fiduciary, your “under law” fiduciary requirements will entirely TRUMP and SUPERSEDE any other imposed compliance. And it is here, where all-things “fiduciary” related NOW gets VERY interesting:
COMPLIANCE: Operating as “fiduciary” places “the court” (not the home office or regulatory agencies) in complete and total control of your personal “under law” fiduciary compliance. After all, as fiduciary, hundreds of years of fiduciary law and case law precedent – including court room Judge and Jury – will have the ultimate final say. With you, the fiduciary, now first-in-line for potential cause of action civil litigation and fiduciary related legal attack, and with most, if not all, fiduciary's not event able to meet minimum “under law” requirements, all of this places you the “now wide open to potential cause of action legal assault” fiduciary at significant and serious under law court room disadvantage. But, it doesn't have to be this way! … Now, for the first time EVER, as an Estate Transformation™ certified licensee, you WILL be able to entirely meet, accommodate and exceed all such “under law” fiduciary requirements! What's more, you WILL be able to do this well in advance of any potential legal cause of action – and, you'll be able to do this with every, single, platform enrolled client! All things Estate Transformation™ platform related places you in total control of your personal “under law” fiduciary obligations, requirements, duties and destiny – with Estate Transformation's Advanced Fiduciary Standard of Care components, technologies and processes creating for you, and your practice, an essential, and virtually impenetrable, private cause of action civil litigation firewall!
Why the old-school approach of selling, pushing products, or chasing assets AHEAD of the 5 KEY fiduciary requirements (3 under law and 2 accessory), as a fiduciary, significantly increases risk of (and in) arbitration, arbitration losses – and even worse, holds full potential of morphing into a career-ending cause of action civil litigation snare!
Definition: (Snare) “A thing designed to catch the unwary, in particular.” … Look, operating as fiduciary requires the “legal” under law adherence to 3 KEY fiduciary requirements, which in turn drives 2 additional “accessory” requirements – with every single prospect and every single client. What's more, every single one of the 3 KEY under law fiduciary requirements take legal precedent over selling, pushing products or chasing assets. Get the order of this mixed up, or reversed, and you WILL be setting yourself up for instant potential legal jeopardy, or even disaster. Yes, operating as fiduciary opens up an entire NEW world of marketplace opportunity. But, it comes with an entire different set of rules. Rules that are “under law” rules. So long as you're able to accommodate the 5 KEY fiduciary requirements, (3 under law and 2 accessory, and by the way, if you're an Estate Transformation licensee you're absolutely able to accommodate all 5) with every single prospect and every single client – BEFORE the presentation of any product, or the movement of any money, you are entirely GOLDEN. And not only are you entirely GOLDEN, you can now operate in “total freedom” as if the fiduciary standard doesn't even exist! But, if you're not able to accommodate all 5 KEY requirements, and continue on the old-school path and approach of selling, pushing products or chasing assets before accommodating your under law requirements, this WILL result in the instant creation of multiple conflict of interest traps, placing you in a indefensible arbitration and/or cause of action litigation snare.
How to flip any “conflict of interest” on its head, turning competitor “conflicts” into the biggest and most profitable NEW client acquisition and AUM goldmine ever!
The 3 compensation disclosure steps every fiduciary advisor (and agent) must make to avoid creating an instant under law “self-dealing” conflict of interest – resulting in an indefensible arbitration and/or cause of action “ticking time bomb” condition and situation, especially if you’re an insurance only advisor!
How to use the Fiduciary Standard as the greatest marketplace domination and competition leveling weapon that's ever been devised!
DOMINATION: As mentioned earlier, if you've already got your 5 KEY fiduciary requirements covered and in hand, you can then effectively, and essentially, operate in and from a position of TOTAL freedom. Now able to infinitely scale your practice, without concern, while competition firms stumble and bumble around in the under law “practically impossible to scale” fiduciary requirements darkness! And, so long as you carry all 5 KEY requirements forward into all of your client and prospect engagements, you can scale your practice to infinity and not lose a minute's worth of sleep over or get stressed over any arbitration or cause of action related concerns at all. Oh, and by the way, if you're an Estate Transformation licensee you WILL be entirely covered on all 5 KEY fiduciary requirement fronts, and you WILL be totally covered on the “10X in AUM practice scale” front!
How to pre-nullify even entirely diffuse and eliminate the potential for any future arbitration or cause of action civil litigation, in advance, even before the arbitration and/or litigation landmine trigger event occurs!
LITIGATION TIP: This one, single, Estate Transformation feature alone is worth an ABSOLUTE fortune, as it will make YOU as arbitration and cause of action litigation stealthy (un-sue-able) as you can get. What's more, by removing all conflicts of interest (causes of action), Estate Transformation INSTANTLY places you, and your practice, behind a vrtually impenetrable “process driven” Advanced Fiduciary Standard Of Care arbitration and/or cause of action civil litigation firewall – while undoubtedly steaming off a lot of potential plaintiff attorneys, as it will NOW be incredibly difficult, if not entirely impossible, to file suit against you!…
How to escape the inconsistent, ever changing, highly competitive old-school “money problem” centric roller-coaster methods (annuity seminars, direct mail, social security planning, etc), most of which, under a fiduciary standard, can create an instant fiduciary conflict of interest – and why Estate Transformation’s Private Estate Reception™ syndicated estate enrollment events outperform any other approach 30 to 1!
HINT: Everyone, as in every single client estate needs it and wants it – including every, single, one, of your clients. Yet it can NEVER reach a point of saturation, nor ever run out of estates that need it, ever! Plus, NO ONE else (as in ZERO advisors) are doing this…
And MUCH, MUCH more!
Hurry And Enter Your Attendance Information Below NOW. Over 5000 Advisors Are Receiving Multiple Invitations To This Time Sensitive Advance Fiduciary Standard Of Care Estate Transformation™ Event, And Seats Are Filling Fast!
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Independent Reviews & Ratings From The Experts:

Michael P., Caldwell, NJ.

“In the past two weeks I wrote $770,000.00 of new Annuity business from using the platform. Clients came in for their sessions – and I learned about the new assets. Oh, and $100,000.00 in insurance premium also!”

Bill M., Wall, NJ.

“I'm very impressed that you invented something like this! There’s no reason why every advisor on the planet shouldn't do this. $1,200,000.00 in annuities and almost $800,000.00 on the other side of the coin with variable annuities and brokerage accounts, pretty close to $2,000,000.00 on two clients! I just marvel at how simple it is and how the ease of use is and how right it is for my client!”

Paul T., Mobile, AL.

“I've closed 13 out of 14 cases with the platform. It’s really a good program, if you count the (session) one we did the other day, we've made $100,000.00 in 8 weeks. 90 to 95% of the time you walk away with extra business through this! Get the program and run with it, try it out… it’ll make you money!”

Robby W., Grandbury, TX.

“I have used the platform for one and a half years and am very satisfied with the product. It has helped bring in new premium, referrals, and keeps me organized and in the know with each one of my clients financial information. My clients enjoy having a tangible process detailing their financial information and history. It's an added service that helps my client's appreciation for our firm stay strong!”

Giovanni P., Harbor City, CA.

“Just want to let you know I completed my first session with a client and made a sale, $100,000.00 Indexed annuity! I also want to thank you personally for all your help with the platform and mentoring of same. This is the first time I have purchased a program that really works – and has paid for itself! You are a man of your word and that means a lot to me!”

Tony R., San Diego, CA.

“I have been using the platform's sample unit as a front end piece. People are impressed and I have two ready to come in for their sessions.”

Andrew A., Guilford, CT.

“I purchased this because I’m all about service! 20 yrs ago I came into this business from the ministry. I was all about service in ministry (not “sales”) and that is what I made as a conscious decision to run my business – by service! 19 yrs ago I wanted a good review process and report, as the large mutual company I represented promoted annual sessions. Over this time I have had mostly frustration in trying to come up with a good report. At one point, that large mutual company decided to develop their own software and used me as a pilot for it. That was good at first, but then they proprietorised (is this a word?) it and ruined it. Then, I had a good reporting system on a short lived contact management system; that was probably the best – but not without faults. This program is the best I’ve seen since. It looks GREAT! And then the added methodology and tracks/scripts – VERY NICE! As I said, I have ideas, suggestions and questions I’ll send later. Nice job – Thanks!!!”

Richard P., Bethalto, IL.

“Just wanted to let you know that I have picked up about $275,000.00 in annuity premium so far with your platform! I have just talked to a couple of clients who are retired and want to move their money into IRA’s. What a paper nightmare. I am just about to complete my goals for the year! Thanks again!”

Ron F., Chicago, IL.

“I have been in the business now for 20 years. In October, I had the chance to encompass the platform with my client sessions. Finding new assets and working on existing relationships was fun and rewarding. I produced $160,000 in commissions for that month! Best of all my clients thanked me!”

Doug V., Palm Harbor, FL.

“Started delivering the platform components – clients love it!”

Scott H., Hudson, WI.

“Using the program I picked up an additional $475,000.00 in fixed indexed annuity business – this was my first session!”

Tony F., Loves Park, IL.

“I have been implementing your platform now for the last 5 months or so and I am really enjoying it. You said that clients would look at the platform and ask me, how do I get my other assets into this? Well guess what?… That is exactly what one of my clients said to me when I showed him his concierge unit. He looked at me and said: “I need to get my other assets in this!” And we did – and I wrote business! “

Ron F., Palos Heights, IL.

“I've probably written somewhere in the area of around at least $5,000,000.00 in annuities and life insurance business with commissions of around maybe $350,000.00 to $400,000.00. Just for the month of May & June coming up here, we've got about $2,000,000.00 in the pipeline that we’re working on with the platform!”

Bill H., Argyle, TX.

“The number (of sessions) that I've actually done are five and I hit on four for we might as well call it $868,503.00, which would be about $77,000.00 in commissions! There’s no way I can’t write an additional $2,000,000.00 to $3,500,000.00. I know for a fact that this will get me to that $10,000,000.00 to $15,000,000.00 where right now I’m at that $6,000,000.00 to $7,000,000.00 level of annuities!”

Terry D., Roann, IN.

“I did my first one (session) last week and wrote $150,000.00. I went on my second one today and uncovered an additional $600,000.00! I got a business client that I have his 401K plan that I did an IRA rollover and when I went back in I took the demo (unit) and he started digging stuff out of his drawers, he says: “This is the most awesome thing we've ever seen!”

Mack H., Gainesville, GA.

“I received the platform components on July 15th – the very next day I met with some clients of mine that I just had term insurance on. I showed them the sample unit and the following week I wrote three annuities for $130,000.00!”

Peter D., Livonia, MI.

“Last week I had a client appreciation dinner and we had 55 people attend. Before the dinner, I made a short presentation in which I shared about the changes that have occurred in our practice; a short overview of fixed indexed annuities and a summary of ways we could help them. During this presentation, I used a brief PowerPoint presentation I developed highlighting our platform we were making available to them. We gave each buying unit a yellow response card and asked them to mark anything they had seen in the presentation that they were interested in getting in place for themselves. I kid you not, EVERY SINGLE ONE wanted me to help them with your platform! Since that time, I have been scheduling appointments and have not had any problem with anyone not taking my call. Everyone is excited to get this in place to feel confident about their family finances. I will keep you up to date on the results of these meetings, but I just wanted to send a big “THANK YOU” for your program!”

Peter T., Dublin, OH.

“I enjoyed catching up with what’s new with the platform. My partner and I have had good success – but admit we are just getting our feet wet over the past few months. >When we were able to do a complete session with the Suitability Questionnaire (great tool) and the Worksheet – as a prelude to putting the platform together – we had a very high percentage of moving money whether it was into Life Insurance or Annuities. The process gives you so much credibility with a client. I would say adding up the premium we have moved as a direct result of the platform, is that it is in the area of $900,000.00 – and we are just getting our feet wet! Definitely got our investment back for the program. Thanks for all your support while we were getting up to speed!”

Harvey L., Tamarac, FL.

“I see tremendous value in the program!”

Mark S., Littleton, CO.

“I got the program a couple of weeks ago and made time to go through it during the holidays. I am looking to get started on it after New Years. I love the concept and the software!”

Patrick R., Holliston, MA.

“Thank you for your honesty and professionalism! I have several friends in the business that your platform would be very beneficial for… I will suggest they contact you!”

Dennis K., Normal, IL.

“I am very impressed with your program materials – and I’m looking forward to a great year with this playing a big role!”

Andy G., Kingwood, TX.

“I met again today with one of my customers who were my very first session. The initial session was made using the George & Martha Washington sample unit “demo-approach” that you suggested to me about a month ago. This was my 3rd session with them – and they purchased a $250,000.00 SPIA. Thanks for everything!”

Bruce G., Naples, FL.

“I have written $293,000.00 annuity premium using your program. I would like to share with you my experience and how it came together using your gem of a platform!”

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